GitHub is like StumbleUpon and Google's love child.

My first foray into GitHub took a precious 2 hours of my night yesterday.

I did, however, find this amazing R package geared towards teaching beginner R students how to use R in R.

It's called Swirl.

Here is their website

Here's why it's awesome: 1. It's free, of course. 2. It's not entirely boring; learning to use R alone is. 3. It's highly interactive. 4. It's also an amazing resource for both intermediate R users trying to learn stats and for teachers of R!

I've known of GitHub for a while now, but I've never actually used it. I doubt I will be creating my own repositories any time soon (a place to store and manage my functions, packages, etc), however, I will be using it as a go-to resource for learning how to analyze data and play around, generally, in R!

Happy coding!