Registration for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Association for Women in Science (UNL-AWIS) mentor workshop is now open!

For the last few months I have been working closely with Hannah Birge, Dr. Johnica Morrow, and Dr. Mary Bomberger Brown have been organizing an (AWIS)-sposnsored workshop on mentoring practices, hosted by Cindy Simpson (AWIS) and Dr. Donna Dean (NIH, AWIS).

The workshop seed was planted at one of the first meetings of the UNL-AWIS group. Like many STEM academic units, faculty mentors are predominately caucasian and male, and graduate programs in the life sciences are increasingly female. Despite the disturbing lack of female faculty mentors in some academic units, many professionals are not trained on how to have a successful mentoring relationship.

Many members of the UNL-AWIS group have shown a passionate interest in addressing not only the issue of the skewed faculty gender radio here at UNL, but also in teaching our faculty and students on how to have a successful and productive mentoring relationship.

So, if you're in the Lincoln, NE area on August 25th or 26th, sign up now!

Workshop information and registration