Dr. Chris Lepczyk (Auburn University), Dr. Frank LaSorte (eBird, Cornell Lab of Ornithology), and myself are excited to be organizing the Big Data Ornithology symposium at the North American Ornithological Congress VI in August 2016!

Our half day symposium will showcase major advancements in field techniques and data analysis.

Ornithology, like many other scientific disciplines, has been increasingly been involved in Big Data, which has advanced research and application in new and exciting ways. However, a synthesis on what Big Data has revealed in avian ecology, its current position in the field, and where it may move to in the future has been lacking. Considering this need, the goals of the symposium are to provide examples of recent advances in Big Data based research, discuss how Big Data is reshaping our understanding of birds at different spatial and temporal scales, how it can aid in conservation and management, and ultimately where the field may be moving.

Follow myself, @trashbirdecol, and @NAOCbirds for live updates throughout the conference week (August 15-20) and during our symposium (morning of August 20).